Quality and Safety Certifications

Fratelli Galloni have always been committed to the pursuit of quality and safety of their products, environment protection and workplace safety.
The company's operational procedures have been certified to ISO 9002 since 1998.
Starting in 2000 F.lli Galloni have set up an internationally certified Quality System, in accordance with the requirements of ISO 9001-2000. After that, an Environment Management System was combined with the Quality System in conformity with 14001:2004 standards: this is used as a stimulus to constant improvement and control of environment-related practices but the Company's efforts in this respect are not limited to these regulations. F.llli Galloni have also obtained other important certifications from BRC (British Retail Consortium - Global Standard Food) and IFS (International Food Standard) for the production, curing and boning of Prosciutto di Parma. These two certifications, considered among the strictest and most prestigious in the food processing sector, are an important guarantee for consumers as to the quality, healthiness and legality of the product. Both require reliable traceability and continuous, strict inspections in every phase, starting with the animals used, raising and feeding methods, butchering and processing.

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