Company Profile


F.lli Galloni S.p.A. is a single-product company specialized in the production of superior quality Parma ham for close to 50 years. The company has three plants with 58 employees and an overall production of approximately 300,000 hams per year.


Galloni ham is supplied to qualified delicatessen stores and prestigious restaurants both in Italy and abroad.
Italy continues to be the main market, absorbing about 70% of the total production and with a sales network of 80 agents covering every part of the country. The remaining 30% of production is exported to other European countries, but especially to the United States and Japan: in these markets our company and brand are already well established and have achieved a very high standing. Crucial to our success in the United States was the establishment, in 2001, of our American subsidiary, Galloni USA Inc., through which we have been able to further improve the support and service provided to our clients. Conveying the message of "Italian character" and "good taste" was indispensable in Japan, where cured ham was practically unknown: today Galloni is a well-known brand for a selective group of people who recognize and demand quality excellence. The challenging task of penetrating foreign markets was performed successfully on two levels, commercial and cultural. The problems we had to deal with concerned not only logistics, regulatory and juridical matters but efforts were needed also for increasing awareness of the culture of our products, our land and of its most authentic values. Spurred on by the results and appreciation obtained so far, our company is continuing its development projects and looking to new, important markets such as Canada and China.