Company History

F.lli Galloni was established in 1960. Yet the knowledge and experience of the five founding bothers go back much further. Their skills, abilities and expertise had been developed in the decades before that, when the Galloni brothers, working in the oldest prosciutto factories in Langhirano, acquired the art of making top quality ham, through careful attention to every phase of production: from the selection of the raw material, to processing through to curing. In the early 60s the development of new industrial technology marked the beginning of profound changes in the making of prosciutto. New production requirements started affecting some of the basic rules which the very essence of real Parma ham depends on; reduced attention to the selection of raw material and gradual mechanization of the production process led to the inevitable effect of product standardization. Fratelli Galloni, on the other hand, chose to aim for superior quality right from the onset, by applying a production process that would have the right balance of modern technology and traditional procedures. Thanks to this intuition, they soon achieved important results and in the first ten years of activity reached a production of 55,000 hams. In 1972, the second Galloni plant was opened, with a productive capacity of 110,000 pieces. The starting up of the third production plant in the year 2000 brought the company to an annual output capacity of approximately 300,000 hams and a leading position in the domestic market, which was covered uniformly thanks to a well organized sales network. Export covers about 30% of production, with important results in the United States, Japan, Australia and numerous countries. As they approach the company's 50th anniversary, Fratelli Galloni is still run by two members of the same family, who jealously preserve the wealth of knowledge handed down to them keeping a long family tradition alive.

Our Mission

The main reason behind the success of F.lli Galloni Spa, leaders in the production of Prosciutto di Parma, lies in their ability to combine their pursuit of maximum product quality with a consumer-oriented approach to the market as well as in their respect for traditional, natural processing methods combined with the adoption of the modern equipment made available through technological progress and food processing research.
Over a period of almost fifty years of activity a determining role was played by the family effort, which has provided an opportunity for constant support and exchange leading to the expression of the company's full potential.