Our Region

Prosciutto di Parma is made in a restricted hilly area in the province of Parma, bound by the Po river on the North side and by the Tosco Emiliano mountains on the South side, in the valleys lying between the Enza and Stirone rivers. This area provides special climatic and environmental conditions due to the action of the air blowing from the Tyrrhenian sea through the Apennines down through the hills surrounding the plane, creating a perfect, ideal climate for the slow ham drying and curing process. A fundamental role in the development of pork farming and meat processing activities was played by the vast oak woods present in the area and the widespread cultivation of cereal crops. Equally important was the development of dairy activities connected with the production of Parmesan cheese: pigs are fed with the whey left from the processing of milk used to produce the "king of cheeses", rich in protein and trace elements. Finally, the spring waters in nearby Lesignano and Salsomaggiore have made it possible to directly extract a sulphur-rich salt and reduce the quantity of salt needed for optimal preservation of the meat so as to guarantee the peculiar "sweet" flavour.