The largest and oldest pigs

Theoretically, hams can be made from the legs of any type of pig. However, the pigs that have made Galloni hams famous are not just any old pig. They are the largest, 100% Italian, "fully-grown" pigs, ones with the firmest and tastiest meat, selected by pig farmers over many years of careful cross-breeding.

Selected pigs from highly selected pig farms

The Parma Ham Consortium's regulations are strict and precise, but the standards required by Fratelli Galloni are even more exacting. The raw materials come from just a handful of the very best farms; ones which guarantee genetic specifications, the highest weight limit, and frequent in-depth sanitary tests. "Prestige" pigs, so-called "hill pigs", are traditionally reared close to the dairies producing Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese. Milk whey, produced daily by the dairies, supplements a diet based on cereals with proteins and oligoelements. Whey is a substance which is not subject to market fluctuations, and thus it ensures regular feeding even in the case of adverse variations in the cereal sector. A quality, regular diet is in fact indispensable to obtain raw material of consistent quality.

Older pigs, firmer meat

The best is not enough. When a pig is reared well and reaches its maximum weight, Fratelli Galloni, in agreement with the farmers, insists on the animal undergoing a further maturation period lasting at least 2 or 3 months longer than usual. In this way the internal distribution of fat improves, while the muscular parts acquire more definition - ideal characteristics for a slow, lengthy maturation with minimum salt levels.