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F.lli Galloni S.p.A.
Via Roma, 84 – 43013 Langhirano
Parma – IT

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Iscrizione Registro Imprese di Parma
n. 82085 Capitale sociale € 1.549.500 i.v.


Design&Code:Nafta Studio   –  Images: Giorgio Maggiolo  –  Illustrations: Marco Gherri



Our company's identity comes from the values of its founders.

With the same passion and the same respect for tradition, we have worked to enhance artisanal production methods, specialize and innovate, with a specific mission in mind: creating a Prosciutto of absolute excellence.

Our own history has taught us that a company is a system of positive relationships, where each person gives their contribution, because through debate and sharing we generate a process that goes beyond the value of individuals.

Our company culture exceeds family boundaries and strives to integrate itself into the economic and social system with objectives that transcend mere profit.

e believe and invest in the training and specialization of our collaborators who, che, with dedication and a sense of belonging, support us in producing a Prosciutto with unique characteristics, one of the widely-known symbols of Italian excellence./span>

We believe in the value of ongoing dialogue with our clients and listening to their needs and suggestions with flexibility and openness to change.

CWe believe in the need to dream of new ways of contributing to the growth of the community within and outside our company.
Lifting our eyes to the horizon and aiming to look further and further ahead.

Carlo, Mirella, Federico, Francesco, Luca Galloni