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F.lli Galloni S.p.A.
Via Roma, 84 – 43013 Langhirano
Parma – IT

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Design&Code:Nafta Studio   –  Images: Giorgio Maggiolo  –  Illustrations: Marco Gherri



Our long-time, direct relationship with breeders allows us to identify the genetic lines and the characteristics of the pigs we use.

A minimum age of the animal, preferably over ten months, is required for strong muscular structure and the right balance between fat and the lean part.

Cross-checks and more restrictive nutrition specifications than usual guarantee the superior quality of the product.
Timings and environments respect the naturalness needed for the development of the typical taste and aromas of the real Prosciutto di Parma.

Long maturation times produce a rich, balanced bouquet and a stable, brilliant colour.

Galloni hams mature thanks to mainly natural ventilation to enable a slow curing process and the full development of taste and aromas.

Even the modern plants have kept the traditional materials for preserving the microflora of the maturing rooms and develop the yeasts responsible for the typical aroma.

DFrom the first stage of pig breeding to the last production stage, everything is rigorously traced and documented. Every pig leg bears the traces of the principal steps in a process aimed at producing a healthy dry-cured ham of the highest quality.

The quality of the PDO product is guaranteed by the “signature” left by each component of the production chain.

Traceability of Parma Prosciutto

Through a number of tattoos and seals, the history and origin of each single product can be reconstructed at any time.

Breeding farm origin identification

Butcher tattoo

Production starting date

Certification of process and product authenticity p>