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F.lli Galloni S.p.A.
Via Roma, 84 – 43013 Langhirano
Parma – IT

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The Family

Galloni is one of the most historic families producing prosciutto in Langhirano. Born as a family business, it chose to continue to be one as it grew

Primo Galloni, one of the founders, was working in ham processing as far back as 1938 and in 1960, when the company was formed, he had already shared his experience with the four brothers.

The role of guardian of knowledge and the choice to entrust the key positions in the company to family members are the thread running through the history of F.lli Galloni.

From this approach came the joint decision not to adapt to new production needs that lead inevitably to a commonplace standardization of the product, but rather to acquire new knowledge and innovate for constant improvement, while respecting tradition.


The Galloni family has always been passionately committed to passing on its wealth of knowledge to the next generations. They look to the future as they achieve better and better qualitative results and introduce specialties and creative innovations.

Today, alongside the three children of Carlo, Federico, Francesco and Luca – who hold important roles in the company – Carlo and Mirella Galloni lead a highly internationalized company that is focused on constant and lasting growth and is considered a reference company by the entire dry-cured ham sector.