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a unique land for its landscape, colours and special climate that, over the centuries, have provided the ideal environment for the production of Prosciutto di Parma. Our home is Langhirano. Here is where the mild Marino sea wind blows to our valleys and meets Prosciutto di Parma. Here is where the journey of mildness starts and where every day the magic of taste renews itself making Prosciutto the King of taste.

The story of the most authentic

Italian Prosciutto begins in the town of Langhirano, known all over the world as the “Little Prosciutto Capital”. A story that is the fruit of a special and deep relationship between human beings and nature: from the neighbouring Liguria region, the mild Marino sea wind crosses the Apennines and reaches this area mitigating its climate. The environmental conditions, together with specific pig-breeding traditions, guided the local populations to Prosciutto making through the centuries, laying the foundations of what has become an unprecedented production culture.In 1963, the first Prosciutto producers founded the Consorzio del Prosciutto di Parma to identify and protect the product’s distinctive characteristics. Prosciutto di Parma is produced in a limited area that stretches from 5 Km South of the Emilia Road up to a maximum altitude of 900 meters between the valleys of the Rivers Enza and Parma. In 1996 Prosciutto as awarded the Protected Designation of Origin

Langhirano:is our home,

your Prosciutto di Parma Capital

My father Primo used to spend his Saturday and Sunday mornings at the prosciutto factory. Although there was no work on weekends, he loved walking through the corridors between Prosciuttos hanging to mature. When asked why he would do that even on nice summer days, he always answered: because this is my home. Mirella Galloni. We were born in Langhirano and grew up there as people and as a business. This is where our company is based and from here we will continue planning our future. We are part of a community that has always devoted itself to the tradition of Prosciutto di Parma. A vocation that is mirrored in the architecture of local buildings. The typical buildings are perpendicular to the river Parma to better let the Marino sea wind enter through the traditional narrow tall windows. Langhirano hosts the Prosciutto Museum, which is entirely dedicated to the history of Prosciutto di Parma.

The culture of doing and the art of doing it well.

The encounter with beauty.

For us art is a source of energy and hope, a place where opportunities are boundless and inspire our ability with new ideas. Doing business for us does not only mean market, profit, production. I believe in sharing one’s history and dreams with others and, at the same time, in looking beyond the horizon.Carlo Galloni. The idea of bringing beauty into the place of work is something we had been thinking for a long time. In 2005, we built our artistic cellar where an atmosphere of light and music sets the tone for the workplace and creates a special welcoming venue.The reconstruction project after the 2016 fire was guided by considerations on the need to regain spaces and integrate the workplace with the outside world. So, we opened up the plant to art. The works of some contemporary artists made from materials left by the fire are now part of the permanent collection on display at Fratelli Galloni’s, available for employees, customers and visitors. Destroyed materials have been given a new appearance, a transformation that has been extremely stimulating in the restructuring of the company, while showing also the potential of relations, emotions and our company’s way of thinking. An experience that has taught that our past is our future, where the encounter with beauty has driven the willingness to “do well”, to carry on our journey to excellence.

Sustainability, art,innovation, training:

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Sustainability, art,innovation, training:

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Parma 2020 + 21

Fratelli Galloni was chosen by the Committee of Parma 2020+21 as a creative driven company, one that stands out amongst prosciutto manufacturers. A challenge and an opportunity not only for our family and business, but also for the local community that has always shared our way of understanding the culture of doing.Proud and aware of this responsibility, we are amongst the promoters of different initiatives including “Imprese Aperte” and “Sentiero d’Arte”, a naturalistic itinerary around Langhirano that touches on historical, religious and artistic topics

Parma Capital of Culture 2020+21

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Galloni Prosciutto.

a masterpiece of taste


Galloni Prosciutto.

a masterpiece of taste

Harmony of ancient origins and traditions handed down through time and skilled innovation: this is Galloni Prosciutto di Parma and there is no better. Each bite tells about our expertise, our knowledge, our dreams and our future